AEROSTATION Consulting services would be an important step prior to having initiatives on a new international market for your product or service.

Analyzing the risks and studying the potential market acceptance of your product will minimize investment loses, conducting to a focused solid strategy considering the different variables for a specific region.

Market Studies

Market Studies is highly important on high technologies or specific services for new initiatives outside of country for your company. Learning about a market, logistics, regulations, taxes, purchasing power, potential restriction to product due to export control, economy and other factors is key for a unique developed strategy.
Could also include: brand awareness, brand image, consumer perception, consumer attitudes, buyer behavior, product satisfaction, consumer experience (good and bad) and intent to purchase behavior.

Business Strategy Review

The Business Strategy Review will demonstrate results of the specific market study for products of a company, guiding in steps the approaches in the region, considering stages for the investments.
Part of this process, AEROSTATION can manage your company interests, providing commercial representation of your brand/product engaging closely to new customers and customizing a solution specific for your business needs.
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