AEROSTATION has been able to implement and manage companies’ proposed initiatives either in a defined market or in a specific selected country in Latin America. The Management support provided by AEROSTATION demonstrated to be key for a company succeed abroad in the Latin American region. This is one step ahead representation!

AEROSTATION’s differentiator in succeeding on behalf of supported companies in the region has been its knowledge of the cultural differences throughout the vast territory added to a profound expertise regarding a variety of negotiations ploys peculiar to any and every Latin American country.

Project Management

Practice of initiating, planning, executing, controlling and closing the work of a team to achieve determined goals and meet specific success criteria at the certain time within the known needed’ constraints.

Data Management

Updated and current information on a market and targeted customer is key on developing a product on a specific market. AEROSTATION is able to create from scratch a Database of potential customers on a selected segment and manage to keep information accurate.

Product Development

(In Country / Abroad) On different stages, it might be necessary to develop parts of the product in country or even to import/export products for final customer. AEROSTATION can provide specific studies, solutions on nationalization and management of production in different locations/abroad.
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